OsGear Technologies develops advanced game recording software and game live streaming software.

OsGear Technologies focuse on developing advanced ingame video recording and broadcasting technologies. Our software is used by game enthusiasts, game developers and video card manufactures. Our goal is to make the best video game recording and broadcasting software.

OsGear provides advanced features such as high performance game recording and broadcasting feature. Those features enable game enthusiasts to better recoring or broadcasting 3D games; it also allows game developers and video card manufactures to better test their products.

OsGear specializes high performance 3D game recording and broadcasting software technologies. OsGear provides software consulting services to customers who need help to design, improve or optimize game/application recording or broadcasting performance. OsGear also provides customization API/SDK that allows developers to integrate OsGear software features into their own products/applications.

Contact Address

oscamteam Technologies

Tirane , Kamez
Rruga Vllazerim , 1001

Email: support@oscamteam.com