How to Record Oculus Rift Gameplay

The Oculus Rift® is a virtual reality headset system developed by Oculus VR, a division of Facebook Inc.

Oculus Rift is the most famous and popular virtual reality gameplay headset currently on the market. Oculus Rift' gameplay system is superior and comfortable, and Oculus Rift technology inside is second-to-none, thanks to Oculus Rift in-house research and development. Oculus Rift’s advanced display technology combined with its precise, low-latency constellation tracking system enables the sensation of presence – the feeling as though you're actually there. Oculus Rift's VR gameplay experience is unlike anything you've ever experienced

While enjoying Oculus Rift's surreal VR experience, Oculus Rift users have strong desire and request to record their VR gameplay to HD movies so that they share their exceptional Oculus Rift VR gameplay experience with their family and friends.

But there were really not any good methods to record Oculus Rift gamplay. The only way used to record Oculus Rift gameplay was to record Oculus Rift games's mirror window on desktop. But this method has many problems:

Oculus Rift game mirror window may have much lower frame rate then Oculus Rift headset display frame rate. To record HD movie, mirror window needs as least 60 fps, this may not be possible because Oculus Rift game need to use most of system rendering power on Oculus Rift headset display, they need to maintain 90 fps per eye display, this requires a lot of rendering power from system. So to maintaining high frame rate on mirror window may not be possible for the game and the system.

Oculus Rift game mirror window may not have the same Field of View (FOV) as displayed in the player's headset eye displays. So the content displayed on the mirror window may not as same as what player is seeing from the headset eye display.

The movie recorded from mir row window does not reassembles the surreal stunning stereoscopic effect that player is seeing through the headset eye displays.

Because of these problems, Oculus Rift in game recording becomes mostly impossible or useless until now.

Now OsGear has come to finally and beautifully solve this problem. OsGear has developed a Oculus Rift gameplay recording engine that is capable to talk into Oculus Rift's system and capture Oculus Rift headset eyes display content before Oculus Rift engine does eye distortion correction, and OsGear saves captured Oculus Rift gameplay eyes display content to stunning HD SBS stereoscopic movie.

Here is some key features in OsGear recording engine for Oculus Rift VR headset:

OsGear is able to capture both Oculus Rift headset eye display content w/o eye distortion correction.

OsGear is able to save captured Oculus Rift gameplay eyes display content to stunning HD SBS stereoscopic movie.

OsGear recording engine has minimum performance impact on Oculus Rift gameplay. Oculus Rift game is still able to maintain 90 fps rendering frame rate while OsGear is recording.

OsGear also provide Oculus Rift game audio and Oculus Rift microphone recording. Both audio content can be captured and saved to the same movie.